"Alice’s cats"

“I gatti di Alice” (Alice’s cats) is Athena Gioielli’s collection realized in cooperation with the Italian designer Alessandra Cesari, a new collection that speaks of love and gentle- ness. Among the variouse designer jewels that characterize this brand, this collection finds its true placement: modern yet retrò, up-to-date but at the same time of vintage taste.

Evening fairytails, delicate colors, tiny water- colors like masterpieces that are set in silver. Soft and magical cats are the theme of this collection and they are the witnesses of the precious and unique time of those who receive them.

Tiziana Cosso Olivetti
Lifestyle / Fashion blogger


"In each of us there is a room where anything can happen, everything is in color and unique characters live there. It’s a place in which we hide when we are children and we should never abandon it because that is where childhood naivety dwells that enables us to astonish ourselves in front of new things. In this world live ‘I Gatti di Alice‘.

Each drawing speaks of a world between reality and fantasy among landscapes made of fields in flower and trees, suspended in a sky where the sun and the moon follow each other while darkness is illuminated by stars.... Cats, creatures sometimes funny and sometimes magical, lie there in the middle, the actors of these stories, in their brazen elegance, to make us live in their light."


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