Brasilove - Athena Gioielli

Spring Summer 2017

Lights and colors sparkle in a warm scented night on a Brazilian beach, the silver moonbeam reflecting in the sea gives life to new creations to wear and to love.
The colors of a land that captivates all your senses.
“Brasilove” is Athena Gioielli’s new collection that continues its journey around the world taking inspiration from indigenous peoples until fiery bays, sun and colors, collecting sensations and essences and transforming them in new unique jewels.

Silver is modelled and transformed in incomparable jewels, rocks become colorful and precious stones.
And suddenly you can smell summer’s tropical fragrance, feel your bear feet in warm sand and the taste the salt on your lips, while everything around you starts to dance in a constant chant to Life.


One and Unique

Muratori family is the soul and the heart of Athena Gioielli, a project born at first in 1984 in a small workshop and nowadays a strong reality that counts more than 400 retail stores in continuous growth.

Argento… il piacere di plasmare e dare forma alla fantasia alla creatività e poesia, da questo connubio prendono forma e armonia le collezioni, che spaziano dal classico intramontabile ai gioielli più di tendenza  senza trascurare la sperimentazione,  realizzando gioielli anche  stravaganti ed originali spesso in largo anticipo sulle mode che verranno.

Silver... the pleasure to create, to give shape to imagination, creativity and poetry. The fusion of those three elements gives birth to collections.
They range from classical style to the most trendy jewels, not forgetting experimentation as well as the creation of extravagant and original jewels that often anticipate the new coming trends..

Silver is naturally precious, unmodified by any galvanic process. The forging and the surface effects are meant to highlight brightness, creating light-shadow games.
Jewels are touches of sparkle and sophisticate class thanks to an astonishing design, sheltering passion and unicity inside itself.

An Athena jewel means purity in touch with skin and unicity of a hand made jewel, realized through passion and self-denial, honouring something that is not simply a job but real art.
Athena jewels are entirely designed and realized in Italy. The firm has also obtained the T Fashion certificate from the Italian chamber of commerce.

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